Your Best Colors for Eyeglasses Depend on Your Complexion.

CoolGold Frame EyeglassesAccording to the Vision Council, to look your best, your eyewear should complement your complexion. Sqaure Warm V 3Warm complexions should pick frames with golden tones or match eyewear to their hair or eye color. Also, they can pick any color from their Warm Complexion Color Wheel.  Cool complexions should pick frames with silver tones or match their eyewear to their hair or eye color. In addition, they can pick any color by referring to their Cool Complexion Color Wheel.

Did you know that your eye color, hair color, and skin tone have cool or warm undertones and actually determine your best colors to wear in clothing, make up, nail polish, jewelry, accessories, and hair?  If you place silver and gold colors next to your face, you find out whether you have cool or warm complexion and discover your best colors! If you look better in gold than silver, you have a warm complexion with yellow-golden-peach skin undertones. If you look better in silver tones, you have a cool complexion with red-pink-blue undertones.

Eyewear in your best colors harmonizes with your complexion and makes your face look healthy, clear, radiant, younger, and refreshed. Eyewear in your worst colors makes your face appear pale, ashen, sallow, discolored, dull, or older. Eyewear is one of your major purchases and accessories. It is the first thing people notice when they look at your face. Create a favorable impression by wearing colors that look most flattering on your face.

Spend money wisely, save time shopping, enhance your appearance and improve your mood with your eyewear’s best colors!